Friday, September 16, 2016

Where We're At

I'd intended to be in the saddle a lot more this week than I actually was. Life happens that way sometimes. Really, though, I think it was a blessing in disguise.

I know that I'm crooked in the saddle. The physical habits developed during pregnancy to protect my stressed hip are still in the process of being rewritten, so riding correctly feels absolutely wrong. It's very hard to battle that without eyes on the ground, and I don't want these habits to become deeply associated with "this feels good" riding.

So. Today I had my first postpartum lesson with Trainer Lady. Feedback was exactly as I expected: a surprising amount of progress from where we were when my riding hiatus started 10 months ago, but also some issues that did not exist previously.

The really obvious problem is the hip protection thing, which causes my entire right side to collapse as my left side bears the weight. However, this leads to other seemingly unrelated problems. Apparently, having to focus so much mental energy on the right side causes other muscles to think they don't have to do anything. Oops.

Moving on to the positives: Trainer Lady was excited to see how much better my communication with Shuga has become. I spent my riding hiatus studying and I have a much clearer understanding now of not only what the aids are, but why they are.

The end result is that Shuga is trusting me more, I'm trusting her more, and it's definitely showing.

[Thanks to my little helpers. Without them this would have been a boring, pictureless blog.]

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